RRM Fibre

This is fibre enhance concrete, we offer a wide range of fibres to
cover all requirements, whether its to help avoid shrinkage cracks
or as steel replacement, please call us to discuss pricies.


Typical Applications

• Non-Structural – External paving / slabs, strip footings and foundations

• Structural (Plastic Fibre Content) – large scale industrial floors, suspended floors and architecturally sensitive buildings.

• Structural (Steel Fibre Content) – Industrial ground bearing slabs, heavy trafficked industrial slabs and impermeable concrete slabs.

• Screed applications

• Textured finishes


• Increased crack control

• Increased surface durability

• Reduced manual handling and placement time

• Potential reduction in costs

Other Services

Ready Mix

Having a professional and fully qualified team, we pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge in defining exactly what the client wants and delivering a reliable and cost-effective service

Concrete Calculator

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